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The addictive typing game 


Become a smartphone typing ninja and double the speed at which you type your DM's! Type the words before they disappear below the screen!


Dominate the game in three modes!

• Easy: an elementary mode to warm up your fingers

• Medium: a good workout for those speedy fingers of yours

• Hard: these words come directly from Scrabble's highest scoring words list


Earn coins which you can use to unlock and buy three types of power-ups!

• Slow Time

• Slow Speed

• Freeze

Use your power-ups in the game and beat your high scores!

2B || !2B


"productivity is bliss"


A Bit About Irith​

Creator of AppChapp

Irith Katiyar is a seventeen-year-old high schooler who loves to code. He first started coding when he was in seventh grade and fell in love with it. He began coding in Java and then moved on to Swift/Xcode so he could learn how to build iOS apps. Type-Speed was his first app, and he has built three more apps since then – check all of them out above!(And yes, some of his apps did get rejected from the AppStore, but that's okay!) Other than learning Swift and app development, he also has taken AP Computer Science in high school (Java), has learned how to make websites from scratch (HTML, CSS, Javascript), has passed the USA Computing Olympiad Bronze Test (Java), and has learned concepts in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and bioinformatics (Python). Irith has interned twice with Juni Learning and you can spot him on some of their coding project tutorials – featured in their blog and YouTube channel! Computer science makes Irith happy because it allows him to create a functional product from start to finish. In the future, he hopes to pursue computational biology so that he can utilize his computer science skills to solve biological problems. Irith has a super cool twin sister named Irika who helped him design some of his app icons since Irith is artistically challenged. Aside from coding (and of course deciding the color schemes for his apps), Irith enjoys playing squash, dancing, traveling, playing Mario Kart (I'm a beast), binge watching shows on Netflix (Black Mirror is my all-time favorite), and meeting new people.


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